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CCM's past and present clients include major professional and industry associations, major Commonwealth and State government agencies and leading private sector corporations. CCM has particular experience with conferences relating to science, health, law and industry.

CCM was established by Ashley and Jon Gordon in 1985 and has a reputation of providing clients with sound advice, a wealth of experience and outstanding service. Uniquely, a Director/owner is assigned to each and every conference managed by CCM and remains on assignment for the duration of the project.



CCM clients can select the level of service that best suits their needs. A comprehensive range of services are provided, including:

  • Project management

  • Delegate registration

  • Program management

  • Marketing and promotion

  • Consulting

  • Social events and tours

  • Sponsorship and exhibition management

  • Project financial management

Fees and Costs

CCM's fees vary in accordance with the specific services you require and the scale and complexity of your project. Fees are individually quoted for each project and we invite you to contact our Director Ashley Gordon to discuss your specific requirements.



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